It All Comes Full Circle

Circles have long been a staple in weddings, from the wedding rings, to the traditional circular cake tiers. The shape of a circle is the perfect representation of love- ongoing, never-ending, unstopping. So it comes as no surprise to us that one of this years big trends is to incorporate large circular elements into your wedding.

This Grapevine Arch Available at Marys4EverFlowers

Our favorite circular element may just be this gorgeous arch to set as the perfect backdrop behind bride and groom. What a perfect way to start the rest of eternity together!

These stunning hoops bring the circular element into your bridal party design. Whether for the bride, bridesmaids, or the adorable flower girls, the look is both modern and timeless simultaneously.

We cant leave out the reception! The woodland floral hoop centerpieces are perfect for the barn chic weddings. These gorgeous cut wood pieces are adorned with a spray of wildflowers and finished with a hoop. No having to peek around these centerpieces to talk to you table mates!

The sweetheart table can be even more intimate with a floral circular hoop surrounding the bride and groom. We love this look for its glamour meets natural look.

These cake table hoops were handmade by Mary of Marys4everflowers and were the perfect finishing touch for a winery wedding. Beautiful finishing touches can completely change the look of any wedding facility.

What do you think of this up and coming trend for 2019 weddings? We are pretty excited to see what else will catch our brides' eyes this year!

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