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format-? I know it's possible to install audacity and record with it, but will audacity record simultaneously? @zzarr not sure I haven't tried it. But would have to be really close. @zzarr maybe you can record with ardour zzarr: There is a separate app called recordmydesktop which can record the audio AND the video if you want both mm but it is really difficult, can someone help me, please? CoolHandLouis, thanks I will look into that neo, what is your problem? the situation is that I have my files backed up and I have a 17 GB partition of free space i want to copy them to this partition i have tried with ubuntu usb live but it seems to be trying to copy the 17 GB neo, so you have already copied your files over, I guess? yes i have them on my external hard drive neo: There is a utility in Ubuntu to make an image of your hard drive. Once you have it as a file you can mount it and do whatever you like with it. Here is a link: neo, I guess you could use a program called WinUSB to create a Windows driver for the USB drive, and then run a program called dd to copy the files from your external hard drive to the USB drive i know but i have an apple's partitioned hd with many things so i don't want to copy all that i want to just copy what i have on the external hd neo, then you can install Linux and mount the partition with !mount | neo neo: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also ok neo, I have to go now, good luck :-) thanks zzarr



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Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 Full Crack Software - palyulb
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